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Ivona Nikolic is the founder of Mom’s Den – a collective resource of parenting and time management hacks, where she blogs full-time. Apart from being a published author, she has been many things – a biochemical engineer, cross country runner, world traveler, stay-home mom, vegetarian gourmet, gamer, streamer, coffee lover, and an always-hungry bookworm. Currently, she’s juggling between creating incredible books, raising a curious toddler, and rocking at being a wife!

Ivona's newest self-published book is a parenting memoir From Bottle To Bottle. In it, she takes us through her transformational journey from a lost, young woman to an incredible mom and wife. Not only did she change her nutritional and social habits, but she also created a thriving and healthy environment for her whole family. Together with her husband, Ivona purged the corruption from their lives and stepped on the path of change - towards an exceptional lifestyle, a balanced diet, and a strong marriage.

From Bottle To Bottle will tug at your most vulnerable heartstrings, giving you a unique perspective of motherhood. As you dive from one unfiltered confession to another, you'll find yourself giggling, aching and trembling - often, all at the same time. This book will empower you to break the cycle of your own horrible habits and discover action steps towards a better lifestyle, stronger relationships in your family, and most importantly - an improved version of yourself.

From Bottle To Bottle is currently available on Amazon, through the KDP Select program, at as a Kindle and a paperback version.

For a review copy or more information about the book, you can contact Ivona directly at

From Bottle To Bottle - Kindle version:

Print Length: 96 pages Page Numbers Source ISBN: B089CFPK4Z Publication Date: May 28, 2020 Sold by: Services LLC Language: English ASIN: B089DSQ5XM

From Bottle To Bottle - Paperback version:

Paperback: 94 pages Publisher: Independently published (May 30, 2020) Language: English ISBN-13: 979-8649665933 ASIN: B089CFPK4Z Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches Shipping Weight: 6.9 ounces Price: $13.99


Why did you choose to self-publish? - I'm planning on releasing a great amount of content in the next few years - waiting for years on a single book to get published is too slow for me at the moment!

Who's your favorite writer? - Fiction: I'm old-school. J. K. Rowling takes the cake. - Non-fiction: Ryan Deiss, Grant Cardone & Gary Vee. You get the gist.

Your English is funky sometimes. Why is that? - I'm actually not a native English speaker. I live in Serbia, but I've spent a lot of time traveling and living in foreign countries (the USA included) over the last 15 years. I write, blog, and record videos in English, and I don't have an editor going over all my work. I believe my English is as good as it gets for at least an average native speaker - but there's always room to grow!

Are you planning on relocating any time soon? - Yes! As a matter of fact, my family is currently in the process of collecting all the documents needed for a Canadian visa. We're planning on moving sometime next year (all fingers crossed!).

As a work-at-home mom, when do you find the time to create all your content? - I'm a naptime blogger, and I drink my last coffee around 10 PM to squeeze in a few more hours of writing during the night. (My mornings are tough.) (official website)


From Bottle To Bottle: How I Broke Bad Habits, Changed My Lifestyle And Taught A Toddler To Eat Everything
From Bottle To Bottle: How I Broke Bad Habits, Changed My Lifestyle And Taught A Toddler To Eat Everything


Ivona Nikolic
Ivona Nikolic

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Ivona Nikolic